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Farm-Steading At It's Best! 
Enjoy a community of 250 Farm-Steaders 
• Create
& maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle 
• Fill your own food, water, power
& sanitation needs, without being dependent upon city suppliers.



   The Riverbed Ranch Community is being developed by the Utah OSR Land Co-op as a non-profit land cooperative, striving to increase self-reliance and self-sustainability. This similar to a housing cooperative like those already operating successfully in New York and Chicago, but ours is centered around farm land rather than apartment buildings.

   When purchasing your share in the cooperative, you get exclusive rights to a 2-acre lot of land, plus at least 2 acre-feet of water rights. Shareholders earn tax-free income from community businesses like gas stations and more! As the community grows financially, it benefits every property owner within the community!

   Become a shareholder, and take home a share of the community financial growth, all while enjoying a farm-steading lifestyle within a community!