Escape the Insanity of City Life Today!

Build your own off-grid organic farm in our 250-family, self-reliant community.

What if you could...

  • Have a safe place to raise your kids where they could learn to work & appreciate Nature?

  • What if you could escape your dependency on cities for all your life-sustaining needs?

  • What if you could grow lots of nutritious, pesticide-free food?

The Riverbed Ranch organic farming community offers all of these, and much more!

Utah's 1st & only Organic Agricultural Co-op Community

No, this is not a religious community, this is not a commune, nor a political statement. This is an agricultural cooperative created by a group of families that want to produce all their own food, water, and power independently of any market or government.


The Riverbed Ranch organic farming community is for families and individuals that are determined to live a more self-reliant / self-sustaining lifestyle. Most of the 70+ families, who have joined our community so far, joined for one (or more) of these reasons:

  • To live a lifestyle independent of mortgage, power, and water bills.

  • To live a healthier lifestyle, eating pesticide-free food and breathing clean air.

  • For safety, either from things now, or things that may come down the road.

  • To create a place where their family can all live, learn and work together.

The Utah OSR Land Cooperative, is a legally-registered non-profit created under Title 3 of the Utah Code by one of the country’s foremost agricultural co-op attorneys.

That co-op has created the Riverbed Ranch — a 250-family, online-but-off-grid, organic farming town located in Utah. Approximately 500 of the 1,245 acres is reserved for agricultural production by “sub-coops” organized by the various co-op’s members. The rest of the property has been laid out in 2 to 3.9 acre parcels for individual farms, roads, parks, and community buildings.


Your $25,000 gets you:

  1. Two acres at the Riverbed Ranch farmsteading community (you get a land cooperative’s equivalent of a title, it’s called a “proprietary occupancy agreement” and can be bought and sold). Over 1 million Americans own their land and homes through land co-ops.

  2. Six acre-feet (up from 4) of water rights (that’s 1,955,106 gallons of well water a year),

  3. A vote in the cooperative,

  4. Opportunity for group purchases of products and services needed to build your farmstead.

  5. Opportunity to sell your products and services through the co-op (or any way you wish),

  6. First stab at job openings within the cooperative, and

  7. The opportunity to spearhead the creation of "sub-cooperatives" to provide jobs and goods and services to the co-op members and/or outside customers.

  8. To live near 249 other families who are determined to live self-reliantly.


The non-profit Utah OSR Land Cooperative’s Riverbed Ranch community will feature:

  • High-speed Internet via Hughesnet and/or Elon Musk's Starlink network,

  • A K-12 school, and other community services (listed below).

  • BMX bicycle and Tough Mudder courses for kids to enjoy,

  • A greenbelt area running up the middle of the community, including a hiking trail, honeybee-friendly trees and bushes, a road, and maybe someday, a creek.

  • An RV and camping park. This way, shareholders who so choose can live in the RV park while building out their farmstead. And later, guests can stay and enjoy the community.

  • Co-op store for importing and exporting goods and where the profits benefit the co-op members.

Have Questions?

If so, after watching the intro video below (and reviewing the info above), feel free to register for one or more of our free Wednesday night Q&A Zoom sessions.

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