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Off-Grid Garden-Farming Town / Riverbed Ranch - June 2022

Updated: Jan 19

Riverbed Ranch is the first new town built on raw land in Utah since 1869. The state's only non-profit land developer, the Utah OSR Land Co-op (UOLC), has been working hard to make this community happen. This video shows some amazing progress made up through June of 2022.

In Utah, a radical new settlement has emerged that provides its residents with the means to become completely self-reliant. Riverbed Ranch, a 1,245 acre alfalfa farm purchased by a cooperative organization, has grown rapidly in recent years; the number of members that own farmland and water rights on the property have doubled annually since 2019, until this week when we have over 130 current members. Every member gets no less than two acres of arable farmland along with at least 2.5 acre-feet of water rights, enabling them to create an off-grid lifestyle with complete autonomy to produce their own food, water and energy.

The UOLC has provided an incredible opportunity for families to drastically reduce their mortgage and utility bills - by creating self-sustaining two-acre homesteads off the grid. The low-cost homesteads are made possible through the non-profit's initiatives, which actively search for ways to make these properties accessible and affordable - starting at around $235,000. This includes a passive solar home, barn/shop, greenhouse and well. It is an amazing chance to both protect your family from potential societal instability and also secure your life-sustaining needs in one of the biggest, most financially-secure off-grid communities, surrounded by 249 other families doing the same thing.

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