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Riverbed Ranch Community

11840 N Riverbottom RD

Riverbed Ranch, UT 84648
(without the 7s)


Tel: 385-319-7899

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If you're driving out yourself, follow these directions (or, you may get lost):

If coming from Northern Utah County or points north of that:

Use Google Maps and search for “Utah OSR Land Co-op”. if you don't have extra-strength tires, you might consider going to Dugway first, it's paved all the way there. Takes a little longer, but it's a much better road. Then turn directly South just past the LDS Church. That road will take you to the Pony Express Trail road where you turn right/West. 17.3 miles later, you'll turn left/South as you approach the hill in this picture and then go 7 miles to our 12' tall green gate on the left. The gate will look locked (to keep cows out), but move the chain and push the gate open to go through to the green Welcome Center. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled on this route for wild horses!

Where to turn off the Pony Express Trail to get to Riverbed Ranch

If coming via Southern Utah County:

Before leaving home, use Google or Apple Maps to search for “Utah OSR” and follow the directions.

WARNING! If you navigate away from Google Maps, you may not be able to recover the directions (there are very few spots where your cell phone will connect to the network). Unless you're an Adrenalin junky, best to slow down on the curves. Oh, and watch out for sheep, cattle, and antelope.

As you approach Keg Mountain (on "Weiss highway") you will eventually turn North (29 miles past Little Sahara's turn-off) and, in about 10 or 11 miles, arrive at the Riverbed Ranch. If you follow Google Maps, it will have you turn North sooner and shave off 5 or 10 minutes, but the road is rougher, so you may want to keep going and let Google direct you to the next turn (as seen on the map below).

Seriously, watch out for sheep, cattle, and antelope. Also, keep your eyes peeled for eagles and hawks - it's fun to watch them.

IMPORTANT: About once a month, a visitor to Riverbed Ranch off-grid community gets a flat tire. I'd recommend picking up one of those $9 flat repair kits to keep in your trunk.
Just in case.

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