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Homesteading Harmony: July 2022 Updates at Riverbed Ranch

This update video starts out with our housewarming party for the first home to be completed at Riverbed Ranch. Eric & Jill finished their striking two-level passive-solar home and invited everyone over to share a meal and enjoy each others' company.

Other events and progress represented in this video: - Juab County Fire District donates two work vehicles to our volunteer fire department.

- A rock delivery service was launched, making obtaining rock from our quarry easier.

- Yet another septic system is completed in our off-grid community.

- One family installs a nice retaining wall bordering one of their garden areas.

- The Fishers enjoy the first water to spew from their new well, powered by their new solar system.

- The Garcias put up their first greenhouse and helped someone else put up theirs!

- They also finished their chicken & turkey shelter.

- The Fisher's SimplyBilt home is started and makes great progress.

- In spite of delays, the Scelso's home also sees some good progress.

- A sandbag barn was a focal point of a lot of volunteer work.

- OSR founder, Philip Gleason, made great progress on his first greenhouse, lined with water barrels to stabilize the temperatures year round.

- On Utah's Pioneer Day, current and future Riverbed Ranch residents take a break to celebrate, eat, dance and socialize.

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