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Thriving Together: Life & Innovation in Our Off-Grid Community

This video shows our off-grid community's progress for August of 2022:

  • Progress is made on the Scelso's and Fisher's homes.

  • A group of volunteers helping the Vezzanis set rafters on their straw bale barn.

  • We see the Miller's multi-purpose building is up!

  • Dr. Wilson brought an RV and is retrofitting it to serve as his mobile chiropractic office!

  • Progress on our 2.5 mile long storm water drainage system is seen as the system gets its first culverts, allowing cars to pass over on dry land.

  • It's fun to see Philip's orchard's 2nd year trees growing a vibrant green.

  • The woodbury couple has also planted an orchard.

  • The Vezzanis set up a misting system in at least one of their greenhouses to keep their veggie plants cool in the hot Summer

  • They are able to grow lettuce all summer! Basil, Swiss Chard, and Motherwort too.

  • And Mrs. Vezzani enjoys making tinctures from the herbs they grow.

  • The Pope family welcome new piglets to their homestead.

  • The homeschool group started up again for the new school year.

  • Various classes are offered for adults as well.

  • Finally, we poked some good-natured fun at the Woodbury couple as they moved all their household goods to Riverbed Ranch and a trundle of good-hearted neighbors showed up to assist in the unloading. Check out the creative way our crane operator moved their storage container! Impressive!

Learn more about our off-grid community!

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